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What is Spiritual Guidance?

Essentially, it is a collaboration between you and me and our collective energy. It is about holding the space for you to establish more balance and learning how to be more embodied as the beautiful Being of light that you are.

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Supervision for Professionals

I offer a holistic and spiritual approach to supervision which takes into account ALL of who you are within your practice. This includes your own well being, and spiritual growth, as you work alongside your clients.

The Saffron Heart Movement

The Saffron Heart Movement is a global community of people who care deeply for Humanity and our Earth, and who feel drawn to make a difference from a place of Love, Compassion and Energy work. I am one of them.

The energy within Humanity is shifting more towards Love, can you feel it?

Here are some other understandings to explore…


Being a spiritual Being

You are energy first and physical second or some people say: ‘a soul having a physical experience’. Learning how to live as human and spirit working together in loving partnership is the essence of the spiritual journey.


The reason that you are the journey is because it is ultimately one of Self-Acceptance – becoming increasingly aware of your Wholeness, your Light, and accepting your awareness of this as you go.

It is also about recognising your connection to All That Is, and allowing your self-acceptance to include the understanding that you are an expression of Creation itself.

You are Creations’ Love personified.


Allowing Vs. Denying Self

The energy of Allowing is the experience of listening to the deepest part of your heart, and following it. It is often felt as excitement and nervousness combined. The ‘nudge’ to do something that you feel so deeply passionate about yet almost always evokes fear and doubt when you seriously consider doing it.

Denying ourselves is very much a part of the social conditioning we have been raised within. ‘Put other’s needs first, don’t take risks, take the safer option’. Essentially, when we are denying ourselves of who we truly are, we often feel restricted, frustrated, and joyless.

One of the ways you can begin moving within the frequency of Allowing is to listen more to your heart, really listen – with your Whole Being. It whispers quietly for many, until we have become attuned. If you need help getting back in touch with your heart’s wisdom and guidance, please do consider accepting my help.


Energy Reflects Energy

You may have heard the famous quote from Tesla about the universe speaking frequency? or even Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? …Because everything is energy, energy can only ever respond to vibration or frequency. It is always seeking to come into resonance (the same vibration) with itself.

When you are thinking and feeling loving thoughts, your frequency is that of Love, and everything around you that is a match for this frequency will be pulled towards you. It will be seeking resonance with you. Not only this, but your frequency is felt far and wide, further than you can perhaps imagine!

Science has now shown that when you are in complete coherence (in alignment with your True Self) other people around you can both feel and be positively affected by your electromagnetic field.

The understanding of Energy Reflecting Energy can be powerful to work with, your increased awareness of this can also create more self-compassion and a greater ease of living.

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Self-acceptance is much more than simply learning to like yourself. It can also be a very powerful spiritual practice which lovingly joins together the two aspects of self: Human & Spirit. When human and spirit are working together harmoniously the frequency or vibration of this spiritual self-acceptance can dissolve any duality/separation and allow more peace as a result.

As more and more of us learn how to do this, we each contribute to a shift in the greater collective consciousness among Humanity.

When you think about it, a Humanity that has accepted itself is not capable of hate.

Supporting our Earth

Collective Consciousness

Because everything is energy, we are also apart of something called collective consciousness. This is the energy that Humanity creates within itself by way of its inter-generational conditioning and belief systems. Until relatively recently, the collective consciousness within Humanity has been imbued with the frequency of separation, competition, division, difference and fear.

The good news is that the tide is beginning to turn, you may have noticed a shift yourself? People are starting to see through and become disillusioned with the old systems such as capitalism, racism and other forms of discrimination. People are yearning for more fairness, equality and compassion and are beginning to show more and more acts of these – mostly outside of traditional political arenas. Humanity is beginning to take matters into its own hands, realizing our True nature of Love, and changing the collective consciousness one loving, compassionate thought/act at a time.

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How to collaborate with Energy

Collaborating with energy is something you are doing all of the time. It is the frequency conversation we are in with the world around us, as well as the wider universe. To be able to collaborate more consciously with Energy can be a very powerful thing to learn to do.

First, it is about accepting yourself as both energy and human, and having the awareness that the energy part of you is in fact Creation’s Love (with a capital L). When we know and accept ourselves as an expression of Creation itself we tend to allow more for ourselves, more love, more compassion, and more awareness.

It is this awareness that will enable to you collaborate more consciously with energy. When the practice of who we are incorporates conscious energy collaboration, all sorts of wonderful things can begin happening such as synchronicity, spiritual expansion, coherence and more peace.

Holistic Therapist and Group-work Facilitator

Hi, I’m Meegan

I work holistically, which means I attend to all aspects of who you are, including your own worldview, beliefs and anything else especially important to you. I gently and compassionately walk along side you on your journey of discovery and growth taking a strengths focus as we go.

My sessions are spiritually-based (not religious), as well as being highly practical with tools and awareness’s you can take away and use. They are designed to empower and uplift you by growing your confidence in your own abilities.

Underpinning all of my work is the following training: Masters Degree in Solution-focused Counselling/Education, Bachelors Degrees in Psychology & Sociology, National Certificates in Social Work and Teaching, as well as training in supervision and experience in management.

I am also registered with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

Cost of your 1 hour session:

Video-link: $110

Telephone (NZ only): $75

Currently face to face sessions are not available.

For client testimonials click the button below called “Your session”.

What people are saying about me?


“I guess I had been struggling to get through an unwanted divorce for about 6 months, and had just reached a point where I felt I could not go on. Trying to be strong for my kids meant I had nowhere to be real, no where to be me, nor process all my emotions. I was burnt out. Meegan helped me process the grief and loss underneath this unwanted change, but she also helped me re-direct myself at a spiritual level. She helped me to let go of a man that I realised did not actually love me, and to begin the journey of loving myself. I don’t know what I would have done without her support”


“The pain in my toe disappeared and my shingles are clearing up. I had some light bulb moments of insight following the treatment. I can thoroughly recommend Meegan’s unique talents, a combination of conventional methods as well as her very accurate spiritual insights and Reiki healing. I am very grateful for her help.”


“I recently had a session with Meegan that was profoundly moving. Within moments of connecting, she had picked up energetically on the one thing that was at the absolute heart of the emotional and physical challenges I was having at the time. As soon as she shared this with me the back pain I had had for days just dissolved in the light of shared knowing. A beautiful, affirming experience for which I am very grateful.”

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