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Accepting Your Source Energy

Essentially, your inner wisdom is your direct link to your Soul or Source energy. Tuning into it is much like picking up the phone and calling your Soul directly for guidance, from here it is much easier for you to determine your next steps towards increased peace and happiness. These are powerful practices to learn […]

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Drawing On Intuition

Drawing on intuition can take the struggle out of the various challenges you face by guiding you to possibilities you may not have been aware of, therefore helping you move through the experience more swiftly. Client testimonial after one session: “I feel so much lighter like a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders. […]

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Easier Relationships

Gain clarity and peace within your relationship by resolving issues swiftly, finding new ways of relating, and growing stronger together as a result. Taking an intuitive approach with your relationship quickly gets to the heart of the matter helping you both to move through issues with renewed understanding and fresh perspectives. Client testimonials: “Meegan helped […]

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Intuitive Practitioner

I’m an Intuitive Practitioner trained to Masters Level in solution-focused Counselling, Degree Level in Psychology, as well as a unique form of compassionate energy collaboration. This effective combination can support a faster resolution of your issues, and swift restoration to your overall well-being.
People often only need one session to experience notable improvements – see below for client testimonials.

For more testimonials go to “Your Session” page.

Individual Sessions – Skype, or Telephone (Mon – Fri):

    • Your one hour session will be tailored to your individual needs – It will include a combination of:
    • Intuitive solution-focused therapy, and compassionate energy resonance.
    • An intuitive approach attends to ALL aspects of who you are and helps you to feel significantly better, faster.

$65 – Skype session
$55 – Telephone session

BA Psychology & Sociology, M.Ed Counselling, Compassionate Energy Resonance, and Reiki
Registered with The New Zealand Association of Counsellors

What if you could gain relief from the following
within 1-3 sessions?

Depression or anxiety

Over half of all people will experience symptoms of depression or anxiety, or both, at

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Grief and loss

Grief and loss are normal and natural parts of life. We experience them almost every

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Relationship issues

Each partner within the relationship comes from a very unique up-bringing experience. During childhood we

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If left, stress can turn into burnout fairly quickly. The reason for this is due

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Excess weight

Tired of battling with the symptoms – just focusing on food, portion sizes, calories, and

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Physical pain

Being in pain can be one of the most challenging things you can ever experience.

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Here's what my clients have to

say about their experiences:

“The consultation with Meegan was so enlightening and helpful. She started with a counselling type session to get to heart of the matter then she felt the need to do some Reiki on me. The insights Meegan got were immensely helpful and she gave me some practical steps to take to move on to my next stage. I happened to mention that I also had shingles on my lower back and she did Reiki on that too.

The pain in my toe disappeared and my shingles are clearing up. I had some light bulb moments of insight following the treatment. I can thoroughly recommend Meegan’s unique talents, a combination of conventional methods as well as her very accurate spiritual insights and Reiki healing. I am very grateful for her help.”


“I recently had a session with Meegan that was profoundly moving. Within moments of connecting, she had picked up energetically on the one thing that was at the absolute heart of the emotional and physical challenges I was having at the time. As soon as she shared this with me the back pain I had had for days just dissolved in the light of shared knowing. A beautiful, affirming experience for which I am very grateful.”

Rachel, Auckland

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