Wisdom of the Ancients – It is time to Re-remember

Things to Re-remember In Order to Navigate Through This Apparent Darkness Back Into the Light

Whether you are currently aware of it or not, we each hold an ancient memory of how things used to be. Within us lays a deeper knowing of an ancient wisdom based on an interconnectedness of love which we always knew was the essence of all Creation. We lived symbiotically within our Earth and all her inhabitants. There was magic within us by way of knowing ourselves as energy first, and physical second – we harnessed this magic in order to create our World, to cohabitate, to stay healthy, and to evolve as Spiritual Beings.

Here are some things that may help you to re-remember how to live in this way during this challenging time…

o Remembering Our Place in the Natural World

Just like every other living being on the Planet we are a part of the natural rhythms and cycles of nature. We are affected by the Moon, seasonal changes, and the Collective Consciousness of Earth inclusive of the Animal Kingdom. We have been taught that we are separate, and that we are superior to animals. We have been conditioned to believe that the Earth is merely a Supermarket of ‘stuff for us to take’. The reality is that her resources are running out, and as a member of the Animal Kingdom we will suffer just as much as the other animals if we continue to ‘take’ and ‘exploit’ her limited resources. Remembering our place in the natural world is fundamentally about re-remembering ourselves as being a part of her and realising that we have never been separate from nature – we ARE nature so let’s look after ourselves.

o Remembering Our Ancient Wisdom

The past century or so has seen Humanity attempt to use Science to try and understand the nature of the world. Science works by using the five senses along with a deductive process of thought while it studies something that has been taken out of its natural environment. It is based on the premise that Humans are both separate and superior to all other forms of life; and more subconsciously, the compartmentalisation of nature has given the scientist a false sense of power over it, which in turn has solidified the superiority and separation of Humanity from it. Our schooling has programmed us to only believe that which has been scientifically proven and if has not been proven by science it does not exist. This has completely eliminated the existence of intuition, inter-connectivity energy, and Love as the creative force behind existence. It is only recently that Quantum Physics has discovered something called “Quantum Entanglement” whereby two separated particles behaved as if they were joined – they were communicating from a large distance apart. Science is finally beginning to catch up to what the Ancients have always known – that everything is energy and there is no separation. We are all made of exactly the same energetic essence and in that sense we all feel each other at any given moment. The Earth feels us, animals feel us, other Humans feel us, and even life forms on other planets feel us! (Yes, they exist, we don’t need to wait for science to prove it). Your existence is no coincidence – you are here so that an aspect of Creation gets to express itself as part of the greater whole, so that you can be felt. Without you there would be something missing and your absence would be noticed.

o Remember to Be Free

This deeper knowing of who we truly are allows us to see through the current 3D reality on display. Much like seeing it as a movie playing on a screen in the background, we are able to see it for what it is. Life as we know it right now, is mostly an expression of Separation. The movie we are watching is in fact called “Separation” – the scenes show different aspects of people thinking they are just physical beings walking around as a ‘meat-suit’ while trying to accomplish the various limited socially conditioned programming’s of Capitalism, Materialism, and Competition. Where in reality, exists an energetic matrix of inter-connectedness based in Love. This knowing will give you a sense of freedom.

o Remember Our Real Power
For those of us who are waking up and are re-remembering this deeper knowing, we hold the most power of all. For a rising tide lifts all boats, and as we rise and expand in Love, others feel the shift within the energy matrix and begin to wake up too. Our power comes from flowing along in this deeper knowing without getting too caught up in the 3D world, and remaining buoyant. We know what is possible as more and more people wake up. Soon a critical mass will form where enough of us are awake and aware, and our collective energy of Love will become self-sustaining. Yes it will.

How you can begin your re-remembering in small yet significant ways each day…

o Remember To Be Simple and Sometimes Still

Beyond the noise of what for many can feel like a hamster-wheel type existence and behind the very loud distraction of technology, lays a peace and quiet that harbors the truth about who we are and who we have always been. Letting go, even for a moment, can begin to give you access to some much needed stillness. Simplifying your life where you can will help you to access more stillness. Stillness is more of a match for your True Nature, so when you are still and are listening with your whole body you may begin to hear your True Self ‘speak’. Listen very carefully and lovingly.

o Time to Remember Our Dreams

When we sleep we are closer to our True Essence and we are often guided by way of lucid images or stories, emotions, or what feel like very real and memorable experiences. There are no coincidences when this happens as this is information to help you on your path, so journal these experiences and reflect on their meaning or message, ask for more clarity if you need to and it will come.

o Remember to Remain Curious

Our True Nature is actually that of “playful curiosity”. When challenging situations happened in the Ancient past, we used these experiences to expand and grow as spiritual beings. We did not become attached to them and identified as them. When you remain forever curious about your potential – you tend to expand and your frequency changes. This means old hurts dissolve because they vibrate at a lower frequency and literally cannot stick around.

o Remember That Everything is Love

You are likely to have felt glimpses of this… when you cuddle your child, or your pet and you feel your heart expand, or when you are digging in the garden and feel a sense of peace as your hands enter the soil, or when you are immersed in a body of water and suddenly feel more alive. You can only experience that which already lays within you, and you, like every other sentient being, are Love.

Time to re-remember who you have always known yourself to be.