Mastering Your Energy Will Change Your Life

You Are Energy First and Physical Second

When you were born into this world, your Soul gave birth to a piece of itself which is what has been animating you this whole time. This energy part of you is what leaves your physical body when you die, as it reunites with your Soul or Source energy.

Many people who have had near-death experiences report back the same phenomena “I saw a white/golden colored light and felt emanating from it the most immense sense of love and peace I’ve ever known. I knew everything was going to be alright and I suddenly understood life. Death is nothing to be afraid of, and Human’s have not yet realised their full potential on Earth.”

Your energy is connected to your Soul or Source. Always.

Your Soul or Source energy is HUGE and it is POWERFUL.

It is only our conditioning and social programming that has taught us that we are small, restricted, separate from Creation, and essentially made up of meat and bones, nothing more.

Many of us instinctively know there is much more to us than this, but we struggle to find access to the truth. Learning how to live as energy first and physical second was certainly an essential part of life missing in our education and up-bringing.

Essentially the energy part of you can be experienced as a ‘deeper knowing’, or that quiet voice gently nudging you to do something without any rational reason as to why. People often refer to it as their intuition, as their ‘heart’s voice’, as a ‘gut feeling’ or even as god’s guidance. We all have it and we all experience it slightly differently.

The difference is when we are allowing this energetic part of ourselves to be our primary source of guidance, we feel more expanded, more excited, more ignited, and ultimately more peace. Life gets easier, synchronicity occurs, and we experience abundance.

The true definition of abundance is: “Having access to what you need when you need it”. It is very limiting to only see abundance as money. Everything is energy, including but not limited to money, therefore why limit ourselves to only one very small aspect of abundance?

When you allow your energetic to guide you in every aspect of daily life you have access to all that you need.

So how does this work?

Energy is simply vibration.
You vibrate frequency. Just like music, the notes you ‘sing’ energetically create the feelings within you and experiences around you.

Your vibrational frequency at any particular moment instantaneously creates resonance.

Imagine for a moment you are the tuning fork on the left and your frequency was filled with love for self, and love for others. Now imagine the tuning fork on the right was your immediate environment, it begins resonating WITH YOU because it too is made from energy – love begins to be reflected back to you. People respond to you more lovingly, they smile at you without really knowing why…

If however, if you are in a frequency of struggle, then struggle will reflected back to you in all its various forms.

Energy can only ever reflect energy – this is the fundamental nature of Creation.

Unlike the popular ‘law of attraction’ approach which usually tries to create a very limited form of abundance (money), most often from a place of lack: “I don’t have enough, I am not enough, therefore I will try to manifest more money”; Energy reflecting energy allows you to understand that it’s your acceptance of who you TRULY are which IS ALREADY abundance that will enrich your life in ways you never knew were possible.

Creation by its very nature, is abundance.

Understanding that you ARE in fact Creation being expressed in physical form changes your relationship with yourself, thus your vibrational frequency, which in turn changes everything else around you like the tuning fork above.

You are in fact magic!

Because you are an expression of Creation itself, your energy comes directly from your Soul/Source and it keeps you connected to All That Is for your whole life. You have never been alone at any time, the Universe has always your back and you have always had access to your inner guidance. Most of all you are Worthy to do and be all that you were born to be. Without you here there would be a part of the Universe that never got to experience itself, that never got to be expressed. Imagine being told this from the day you were born…

“I’m magic?!”

Mastering your magic…

What if I told you it was as simple as tuning into your energetic self more and more, and allowing this True You to collaborate with the physical you (working as a cohesive team).

Then seeing this as a daily practice, like exercising a certain muscle group in your body…

Your practice becomes a bit like a radio dial finding the frequency of the main station (your Soul or Source energy), and directly ‘channeling’ who you Truly Are into your moment by moment perception.

The frequency of your Soul is then expressed more and more in the physical, which in turn emanates out from you creating a beautiful resonance effect within your environment.

Not only this but “a rising tide lifts all boats” therefore, your beautiful frequency also has a profound affect on Humanity, as well as the Earth itself. Both feel you way more than you know. Creation’s frequency is exquisitely profound, it literally dissolves the lower vibrational frequencies which we have been taught have such a hold over us.

So when you allow yourself to master your energy and express more and more of who you truly are, you are not only being who you were born to be, you are also helping all of Humanity do the same.

We are powerful beyond measure and it is now time to accept our deeper knowing.

Practice ‘trusting’ the True You, until you KNOW.