Powerful Tips For Holistic Living

Society has done a pretty good job of conditioning us to live in certain ways which can leave us feeling rushed, stressed, fatigued, and generally unfulfilled. The conditioning we are all exposed to has been so effectively programmed into us, it can be challenging to believe that there are other, more enjoyable ways to experience life.

Here are some of the benefits from living Holistically:

  • Understanding energy reflects energy: when we slow down we actually get more done

We don’t need to ‘think, plan, or worry’ our way through life because we all have access to Inner Wisdom that always knows the bigger picture

  • Tapping into our Inner Guidance can create an ease of existence, synchronicity, and inner peace

Challenges can be moved through in ways that actually expand us

  • Much of what we need to be healthy and happy exists within us already, we have more control over our health than what we have been conditioned to believe.

Much of what we need to supplement and support our health is found in nature, not pharmaceuticals

  • Abundance is simply “doing what we need to do, when we need to do it” – it can come in all forms such as synchronicity/timing, an offer of help, and unexpected opportunity, a ‘chance’ meeting, nudges from our intuition, as well as money.
    Abundance is much, much more than just money, being open to this will allow more abundance in your life – you are worthy of abundance!
  • Who we think we are will always be reflected back to us
  • Curiosity is your best friend – when life is not showing up as you want it to, it is an opportunity to become curious about Who You Know Yourself To Be

    “Who DO I Know Myself To Be?
    Simply stop and ask. Ignore the socially conditioned labels that your mind generates and wait to hear from your Inner Wisdom.

    Okay, so lets break this down and look at the four aspects of self:
    Mind and Heart

    Your Mind and Heart LoveBarometer

    Your emotions are your barometer for living. They are neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, they are simply there to let you know whether you are living in accordance to who you Truly Are.

    If you are feeling frustrated, sad, angry, or fearful then your barometer is letting you know that your current experience is not a match for your True Self.

    Who you truly are is embedded in love, compassion, freedom and peace. One or all of these are your Core State, so any unpleasant emotions you experience are simply there to motivate you to find your way back to your Core State/True Self.

    Generally, when you feel unpleasant emotions, who you truly are is simply being thwarted by something you are thinking, or believing. Constricted thoughts or beliefs tend to come from our early programming/ego/subconscious. We can recognize them by the how they cause us to feel – constricted in some way.

    Again, this is an opportunity to stop and ask yourself: Who do I know myself to be? Listen to your inner wisdom which will likely gently nudge you to “deny the self-doubt”.


    Your BodyAre you confused by all the conflicting information out there?

    …sometimes Doctors do not even seem to know what they are talking about.

    So lets keep things simple!

    Here are the Six Foundations for a Long and Healthy Life:

    1. Oxygenation of the system – your body needs oxygen so learn how to breath properly, deeply and from your diaphragm. Yoga can help you with this. Don’t underestimate the importance of breathing for your health of your cells.

    2. Hydration of the system – your body is mostly water this you already know right? But did you know that when you feel thirsty that is your body’s ‘final signal’. In other words, you are already dehydrated and may have been for quite some time. We each need between 1.5 and 2.5 litre’s of water each day. Sufficient water allows for the removal of toxins which can build up over time, and it also counters many of the diuretics we ingest each day.

    3. Exercise – Regular movement of the body allows the pumping and flushing functions of the body to occur – the flushing of toxins, the energizing of your Being. Putting on weight can literally be interpreted as ‘weighting to move’ – Or looking at it Holistically, ‘Weighting To Be Who I Truly Am’, but more about that later.

    4. Stress – Reduction of Cortisol in the system.
    Disease is often the side effect of stress so find any way shape or form to reduce stress in your life. Stress is part of your natural barometer system to let you know that something needs to change. It is NOT a match for our Core State which is why it creates dis-ease.

    5. Toxins – Elimination of toxins in the body.
    Cleanse the system to allow the elimination of “build up” of heavy metals, and pesticides from our food stuffs and/or atmosphere. There are plenty of cleansing options to take advantage of – Google them!

    6. Food – Lightening up of diet/foodstuffs ingested.
    Given we have many toxins and hormones added to our foods, it is important to eat foods that are capable of cleansing our system as we eat them. For example, ingesting food that contains higher amounts of water helps our body because IT is mostly water. The food we eat needs to match our own system. Organic raw fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of water and not only help with cleansing but can also help our energy vibration to feel lighter because again, they match our natural system. Also, the more natural our food is, the more available the nutrients are, and the less food we actually need. Many of us do not need the quantity and poor quality of food that we have been conditioned to eat.

    Can our thoughts really make us sick or healthy? For some fascinating insight into the Mind/Body connection Click here. (Dr Bruce Lipton).


    Your Soul – saving the best until last!

    Put simply, and with Einstein’s stamp of scientific approval, you are Energy, and you are Eternal. You are an expression of Creation itself and a part of All That Is.

      Here are some fun facts about your Soul:

    • Your Soul is Whole and because it is who you truly are this means that you are not broken!
    • Your Soul cannot be negatively affected by your experiences. It actually wants to help you be less affected by your challenging experiences by using them as opportunities to expand (so that more of your True Self gets to come out and play in your physical experience)
    • Your True Self (which is energy), is made of the same stuff as Everything Else. If creation was the ocean for example, your Soul would be the equivalent of a wave – it is always a part of the greater Whole.
    • Your Soul simply wants to expand – that is what we are all here to do
    • It is quite simple to begin the journey of expansion – just start listening to your intuition, your heart, your gut feelings, the nudges, knowings, awareness’s and highest excitement!
    • You have your own GPS System that is linked up to your Soul’s guidance. It’s just that the world taught you to stop listening.
    • When we start listening and allowing more of who we truly are to be expressed within our physical experience life gets a whole lot easier!
    • This is us allowing ourselves to return to our Core State of love, compassion, freedom and peace – the stuff we are actually made ofAre are a soul