Accepting Your Source Energy

Essentially, your inner wisdom is your direct link to your Soul or Source energy. Tuning into it is much like picking up the phone and calling your Soul directly for guidance, from here it is much easier for you to determine your next steps towards increased peace and happiness.

These are powerful practices to learn and can change the way you approach life from here onward. Once you learn how, you can start using your intuition as your primary source of guidance, making love-based decisions rather than fear-based decisions (as we have been taught), and you are very likely to find that life gets much easier for you. Synchronicity occurs, and you get what you need as you need it.

Very often, I get also messages for you that can help you reconnect with your inner wisdom – your Source Energy. Energy collaboration can also be used to help reconcile the relationship between your physical human self and your energetic self which makes it easier for the two aspects of self to navigate life in harmony.

Life is not meant to be a battle or a struggle.

“Compassion for self is accepting what Creation already knows about you”.