Intuitive Practitioner

I’m an Intuitive Practitioner trained to Masters Level in solution-focused Counselling, Degree Level in Psychology, as well as a unique form of compassionate energy collaboration. This effective combination can support a faster resolution of your issues, and swift restoration to your overall well-being.
People often only need one session to experience notable improvements – see below for client testimonials.

For more testimonials go to “Your Session” page.

Individual Sessions – Skype, or Telephone (Mon – Fri):

    • Your one hour session will be tailored to your individual needs – It will include a combination of:
    • Intuitive solution-focused therapy, and compassionate energy resonance.
    • An intuitive approach attends to ALL aspects of who you are and helps you to feel significantly better, faster.

$65 – Skype session
$55 – Telephone session

BA Psychology & Sociology, M.Ed Counselling, Compassionate Energy Resonance, and Reiki
Registered with The New Zealand Association of Counsellors