Need Supervision?

It took me close to 20 years to find a holisitc supervisor and I am amazed at the difference I have felt in my practice by having this deeper level of support backing me.

My supervisor always attends to my my own well being first and foremost, and what I may need in order to feel restored and re-calibrated.  Then I’m given the opportunity to process, reflect and grow on every level in all the work I do with my clients.

I have found that I can be completely authentic in my sessions with my supervisor to the point where I can discuss the energy I felt while working with a client, my intuitive impressions and feelings that I get about clients that may have no logical explanation.

My supervisor sides with my deeper Knowings and feelings, and together we explore what awareness’s are wanting to come forward. During this conversation I almost always I have an “ah ha!” moment where the penny drops and I can understand the next step to take with someone.

Having an intuitive supervisor who simply “gets it” and who gets me and backs me has been life changing. I have better overall self care, and I am now even more effective with my clients because my confidence in my intuitive abilities has grown over time.


Would you like to experience a deeper, more meaningful level of support in your Supervision sessions?

  • If you are a practitioner who experiences gut feelings about people and what they might need, I provide a rare opportunity for you to develop these abilities, and for you to experience just how powerful these can be as a foundation to your practice
  • As someone with empathy, you and your well being will be attended to first and foremost during our sessions. We prioritize your self-care practices because these are what help you to be effective with people… why?
  • Because at the end of the day it all comes down to energy reflecting energy…
  • The more you give to you, the more you have to give to others, but even more importantly than this, the more you give to you, the more you are showing other people how to do this for themselves
  • Having integrity is everything

If you would like to experience holisitc supervision and to become uplifted, re-calibrated and restored in your work give Meegan a call…

Supervision with Meegan via Skype – only costs $85

Call now to secure me as your Supervisor: 0211 779 224

I only have capacity for a small caseload because of the other work I do, so if this is resonating with you, act now.


M.Ed Couns & BA Psych/Soc, MNZAC Registered