Saffron Heart Energy

The Saffron Heart Energy is the carrier of our Knowing that we are more than just our physical bodies ~ the carrier of our Light. It is the key to humanity’s shift from this current time of competition and division to a new age of compassion and collaboration.

It has such a gentle compassionate frequency along with a strength imbued with Love. In essence, this energy has been bought back to us at this very critical time to support Humanity and our Earth to shift towards more Love, Compassion, and Collaboration.

This information has come through to us in a very special way – channeled directly from Source Energy ~ via Mary and Gary O’Brien who beautifully and lightheartedly channel this Messenger energy known as DZAR (Hebrew for “Messenger”).

I have recently begun collaborating more closely with Mary and Gary as I have felt drawn to share this beautiful energy along with other messages of Love and Compassion that DZAR shares with us, as a part of the work that I do.

To get a better sense of this very special energy click here: Saffron Heart Energy Introduction.

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