Physical pain

Being in pain can be one of the most challenging things you can ever experience. It feels like it takes over your whole life and impedes many of life’s ‘happy’ moments. Holistic counselling can help with alleviating the intensity of the pain by attending to your mind, emotions, and body all working together. Your own energy system may also be able to help you feel better by becoming activated, balanced or just generally supported by Reiki energy.

What my client said about her experience of pain:

“I happened to mention (to Meegan) that I also had shingles on my lower back and she did Reiki on that too.

The pain in my toe disappeared and my shingles are clearing up. I had some light bulb moments of insight following the treatment. I can thoroughly recommend Meegan’s unique talents, a combination of conventional methods as well as her very accurate spiritual insights and Reiki healing. I am very grateful for her help.”