Relationship issues

Each partner within the relationship comes from a very unique up-bringing experience. During childhood we are conditioned to believe life works in a certain way, and that some values are more important than others. When two people come together, it can be likened to two different countries with two different sets of languages and cultures trying to live together. Very often couples take on an ‘acculturation’ approach whereby they want to try and assimilate (force) the other person into their way of living life. Human beings’ tend to do this because we are wired to stick to what is familiar. However, this can cause many challenges. In addition, when the ‘assimilation’ approach is used in conjunction with our subconscious sabotaging behaviors/personal insecurities, this can turn a perfectly suited couple into full blown battle mode.

There are whole new ways of relating that can completely shift the dynamic you have co-created. It does not have to be as complicated as you may think.