Holistic/Intuitive Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator

I’m both a Therapeutic Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator trained to Masters Level in Solution-focused Counselling, Degree Level in Psychology & Sociology, as well as a unique form of Energy Collaboration. I’m passionate about supporting people to find their Light and to let this be their primary source of guidance throughout life.

My workshops and individual sessions are both spiritually-based as well as being highly practical with tools you can take away and use. They are designed to empower and uplift you by tapping you into your own personal power which is always connected to All That Is.

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Individual Sessions: 

Your one hour session will be tailored to your individual needs – It may include a combination of:
  • Holistic Solution-focused therapy (counselling)
  • Compassionate energy resonance and perhaps some seated Reiki

A holistic and intuitive approach attends to ALL aspects of who you are and helps you to feel significantly better, faster.

$85 – In-person Session   $65 – Skype session   $55 – Telephone session

BA Psychology & Sociology, M.Ed Counselling, Compassionate Energy Resonance, and Reiki
Registered with The New Zealand Association of Counsellors