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Saffron Heart Energy – The carrier of Humanity’s Light

What is Saffron Heart Energy?

The Saffron Heart energy is the carrier of Humanity’s Light and our Knowing that we are more than just our physical bodies. It is an Energy that is key to Humanity’s shift from this current time of competition and division towards more compassion and collaboration.

The Saffron Heart has been returned to our awareness because our Earth is in need of it again, all of Humanity needs to remember that a Light exists within each of us” (Source:

How can I use this Energy?

You have most likely already started… you know that Self that you have always ‘felt’ was there and have been searching for for so long? The reason you have been searching is because of that Light, that Saffron Heart Light. It is a carrier, it is a vehicle of awareness, Creation’s awareness, an expanded Knowing of Self, an expanded purpose for Being. Just by following your deeper Knowing, you have started using it.

How can I collaborate with it more consciously?

Allow yourself to recognise that this extraordinary Light that you have felt, that you have become aware of and have known for so long, is YOU. As you move increasingly towards self-acceptance of the You that is Light you grow the Saffron Heart Frequency, and like a rising tide that lifts all boats – you contribute to a shift in Collective Consciousness.

The Saffron Heart Process – Creating even more Light…

There is a beautiful energy process available designed to strengthen your connection with your Light while also creating even more Saffron Heart Energy/Frequency among Humanity.

The process is a series of three simple but powerful movements, and includes an additional aspect which dissolves any duality you may be experiencing. You can learn more about these movements on your own, by going here: Link to Saffron Heart Movements

You can also join others to learn about this together within a growing Saffron Heart Community by registering your interest in the Saffron Heart Introduction Workshop here: Contact Meegan

Learning these very special movements in a group setting is always more powerful because together we are greater than the sum of our parts, so when our energy joins together in the physical, the result can be wonderfully uplifting!

Experience more peace, clarity and connection by collaborating with the beautiful Saffron Heart Energy which has come forward for Humanity (again), at this time.

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