Individual Session

What To Expect…

It may feel a little bit like a counselling session at first, as you talk things through. I’ll ask you some questions, and may share some helpful information however, energy will be collaborating with us because we each have an energy field. When these two energy fields come together with the shared intention of you feeling better (even over the phone), a lot can take place…

Here’s what some of my clients have said:

“I walked in feeling a deep-seated anxiety. My stomach had been in knots for days, my jaw was clenched, and I had been having severe migraines. I knew some of what it was all from, but Meegan helped me uncover the energy of it at its very essence and during our session so much of it just seemed to dissolve. She also helped me understand that things bubble up only when we are ready to deal with them and boy did she help me deal with this! I walked out feeling such relief and way more at ease. Meegan also gave me some things to do at home to continue healing and they have been more than helpful – I will be back if ever I need a little help again”
Meredith, Auckland


“My friend had driven me to see Meegan for an emergency appointment after having my first, and terrifying panic attack. I was completely mortified by the whole experience and was at a complete loss as to what to do. I hated the idea of counselling as I had always been self-aware, and self-contained, feeling like I knew how to sort myself out. On this day though, something in me broke and I knew I needed help. What I did not expect though is the type of help I got with Meegan. She was so intuitive, and totally nailed what had been going on for me at an energetic level. Hearing her explain it all felt like I had been set free from some sort of cage! and the compassion she conveyed was exactly what I needed in that moment. I walked out almost a different person, and only went back to tell her how much that session had changed my life” Amanda, Auckland
“I had been suffering from depression for most of my life, but more recently it had really been getting worse. In my 60’s and still struggling with the heaviness of childhood sexual abuse I didn’t think I could ever feel any better. It’s hard to explain what exactly happened in my sessions with Meegan, but all I know is that she put me back in touch with who I truly am inside… the “me” I was born to be, before the abuse ever happened. She kind of helped me ‘un-stick’ myself from the whole experience all those years ago, and I lifted. I felt lighter, had more energy, and felt more positive. Other people told me that my face looked completely transformed”. Sue, Auckland


“I guess I had been struggling to get through an unwanted divorce for about 6 months, and had just reached a point where I felt I could not go on. Trying to be strong for my kids meant I had nowhere to be real, no where to be me, nor process all my emotions. I was burnt out. Meegan helped me process the grief and loss underneath this unwanted change, but she also helped me re-direct myself at a spiritual level. She helped me to let go of a man that I realised did not actually love me, and to begin the journey of loving myself. I don’t know what I would have done without her support”
Janice, Auckland
Meegan is currently accessible by phone, or Skype.

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